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“Wheel” was my first word as a baby. Not “ma ma” or “da da”… but “wheel.”

I was obsessed with cars throughout my childhood and dove into car stereos and wiring at age 16. I eventually got tired of car stereos and started racing at the local drag strip and later auto-x, with a Mustang and Civic. Next I was upgrading suspension, bolt-ons, body work, an engine swap, and turbo build.

I spent a lot of time on automotive forums in the 2000’s, learning as much as I could and documenting my work as tutorials to help others. Around the time social media outgrew forums, I bought my first truck, a 1985 Toyota Pickup 4WD and got into off-roading in 2011. My love for these trucks has grown ever since.

One night, over a few beers with a friend, we decided to convert a $500 1998 Accord sedan into a 2-door El Camino/UTE. Because it hadn’t been done before with a CG chassis, I documented the whole process to share on YouTube.

From there my channel grew, along with the work I did in my garage. I began producing how-to tutorials once again, this time for YouTube instead of forums.

Whether I’m showing how to maintain/upgrade a vehicle I already own, or bringing home new bargain vehicles from ebay (well…not all of them ended up being a bargain after seeing them in person) There’s always something new/entertaining/weird happening at the 6th Gear Garage.

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  1. Hello Brian,

    I very much appreciate your videos. They are clear, to the point, and great info since I have a 1986 Toyota. Wanted to ask some questions, but since I am having difficulties setting up a Youtube account I am not able to leave a reply. Do you have an e-mail address that I can send a couple questions your way?


  2. Seems that you were not aware of Toyota Custom Cab configuration offered new at dealerships for the second generation Toyota trucks. A google search will show many different surviving examples here in the US. The custom cab configuration offered seating for 5 – still only 2 doors but retaining the standard size bed. My first Toyota truck was a 1985 4WD Custom Cab with the 22R – still have it and love it after 19 years.

  3. Hi, Brian.

    I realize I’m a little late on finding the video to your video of your 87 toyota pickup video. Do you sell parts to 84-88 4wd pickups? I’m looking to do a complete power interior swap in my 86 pickup for my mom. She bought it brand new in 1986 and still runs to this day! Let me know thanks!


    1. Hey I have some misc parts that I sell, but most of them I hand on to for future projects. Your best bet for a power interior swap is to find a whole parts truck with power options. That way you can have the entire harness, complete doors, all the dash switches etc and nothing will be cut up.

      1. There is one thing in particular I’m looking for and I’m not sure if you would even still have that 87 SR5 clone. I looking for the intermittent wiper relay located behind the passenger side kick panel. I can find the relay module on eBay but it doesn’t have the short pigtail that splits into two plug ins connected to it. Would you be willing to sell that if you had one? If you could email me, that would be perfect.

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