1987-88 Toyota Pickup Truck 87-89 4Runner BLUE Dash Pad OEM $400

Genuine Toyota OEM Dash Pad, pulled from a 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck. Fits all 84-88 Pickups and 84-89 4runner, but this design is specific to the 87-88 trucks and 87-89 4Runner.  See photos for areas of wear. On the top of the dash, there are some cracks within the recessed area. (If you have an inclinometer, these cracks will be completely covered and hidden.) On the right top of the dash, there are a few small orange spots that did not scrape off with my fingernail. There is one very small crack in the vinyl texture below the left center vent opening, on the left side.


Shipping Dimensions: 36 x 8 x 12″  7.2 lbs


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