1984-88 Toyota Pickup -89 4Runner Washer Fluid Tank OEM $35

Genuine OEM Denso/Toyota Coolant Overflow Tank. Fits all 84-88 Pickups and 84-89 4runner that use this style of tank. Includes cap, strainer filter.

Part #: 060351-321


Shipping Dimensions: 15x11x7″   1.7 lb

  • can i buy just the bolt that ataches this to the truck?

    • I probably have a handful of these bolts, you can have it for free if you want to pick it up or pay shopping. Is it 10mm or 12mm?

      • i dont know to be honest, but i still need one

  • Hey there, was the motor wire cut/spliced, any reason why?

    • Hey, It was like that when I bought the truck, but I’m guessing the wire was cut and spliced at some point. Maybe the previous owner replaced the pump or harness plug. Not exactly sure, but I never messed with it because it works great.

  • Hello there, is the wire cut/spliced, any idea why?


  • Sorry for the double post buddy, must have a delay, do you know if this is a Toyota pump or a aftermarket? Also, any idea for shipping to 92886?


    • I’m unsure if the pump is Toyota or aftermarket. USPS Priority shipping is $17.05. (UPS was $26.70!) Email me parts@6thgeargarage.net if you’d like to purchase, thanks!

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