1984-87 Toyota Pickup 4Runner Warning Buzzer 85991-89102 OEM $10

Genuine OEM Toyota Warning Buzzer, pulled from a 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck 4×4. Excellent condition.

Part #: 85991-89102


Shipping Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 4, 6 oz

  • Hey, I’ve got a few questions about this item. A few months ago, I broke my own buzzer because it would always sound whenever I opened the driver’s door, even when I pulled the key out. Only a few weeks ago did I realize that I was pulling the key out when it was only in the “ACC” position, and that the fact that I didn’t put the key into the “LOCK” position might be why that buzzer was always sounding (I didn’t know that you had to press in the button on top to turn the key into the lock position). Is this true? Will a working buzzer always buzz whenever the key is pulled out in the “ACC” position and the driver’s door is opened, and always NOT sound whenever the key is pulled out in the “LOCK” position and the driver’s door is opened?

    I wanted to buy another relay because I heard that they were supposed to buzz if you pulled the key out but left the headlights on. Is this true too? Will the buzzer buzz if I put the key into the “LOCK” position but leave the headlights on (may also have to open the door for it to work). When I had a working buzzer, I pulled the key out in “ACC” mode when I had the headlights on, but the buzzer wouldn’t sound (the door wasn’t open when testing this).

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • Hey, I’ve had some trucks where the buzzer would only sound in the ACC position and in other trucks it would start buzzing as soon as the ket was in the ignition. The buzzer in my 85 that only buzzes with the key in the ACC position does NOT buzz if the headlights are left on (came out to a couple of dead batteries over the years to learn that lesson haha.)
      I’m not sure if Toyota changed the circuitry at some point to make the buzzer sound in different scenarios, or if the switch inside of the ignition is wearing down over time. I mean we know the keys wear to the point that they get rounded off and open the doors of other trucks, so maybe something inside the ignition is wearing out as well?

      • Ok, thanks for the information! I won’t be buying one then, since it seems that they won’t remind me to turn off my headlights, but I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and keeping this website up. I’ll keep checking back here frequently. Thanks again!

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